Recent Releases

Baker Book House

Angry People and What We Can Learn From Them , Warren W. Wiersbe, 2001, Baker Book House, $10.99, 138 pages, softcover

Preparing Expository Sermons, a Seven-Step Method for Biblical Preaching , Ramesh Richard, 2001, Baker Book House, $15.99, 217 pages, softcover

Share the Dream, Build the Team, Ten Keys for Revitalizing Your Church , Donald W. Morgan, 2001, Baker Book House, $16.99, 160 pages, hardcover

Barbour Publishing

The Prayer of Jesus, Developing Intimacy wiht God through Christ's Example , Mike Nappa, 2001, Barbour Publishing, $7.95, 181 pages, softcover

Berean Publishers

What the Bible Says About a Saving Faith, a Lawyer Examines the Evidence , Bernard Koerselman, 2001, Berean Publishers, $15.95, 307 pages, softcover

Broadman & Holman Publishers

Frequently Asked Questions About the Christian Life , Ray Pritchard, 2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $7.99, 200 pages, softcover

The Names of God , Ken Hemphill, 2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $16.99, 212 pages, hardcover

Fleming H. Revell

Israel in Crises, What Lies Ahead? , David Dolan, 2001, Fleming H. Revell, $12.99, 184 pages, softcover

Leasing with Love and Getting More Results , Neil Eskelin, 2001, Fleming H. Revell, $12.99, 156 pages, softcover

Kregel Publications

Exploring the Gospel of John, an Expository Commentary , John Phillips, 2001, Kregel Publications, $17.99, 401 pages, hardcover

Exploring the Scriptures, an Overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation , John Phillips, 2001, Kregel Publications, $17.99, 256 pages, hardcover

Prejudice and the People of God, How Revelation and Redemption Lead to Reconciliation , A. Charles Ware, 2001, Kregel Publications, $10.99, 156 pages, softcover

Take Heart, Daily Devotions with the Church's Great Preachers , Diana Wallis, editor, 2001, Kregel Publications, $15.99, 400 pages, softcover

Multnomah Press

The Dangerous Duty of Delight , John Piper, 2001, Multnomah Press, $9.99, 91 pages, hardcover

Regel Books

Praying for America, How Your Prayers Can Change the Course of a Nation , Dutch Sheets, 2001, Regel Books, $8.99, 142 pages, softcover

Word Publishing

The Prayer of Jesus, Secrets to Real Intimacy with God , Hank Hanegraaff, 2001, Word Publishing, $9.99, 100 pages, hardcover


How People Grow, What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth , Dr. Henry Cloud, 2001, Zondervan, $19.99, 366 pages, hardcover

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