"Do Overs" Aren't Just for Children

by Lisa Bluford

"Do Overs" Aren't Just for Children

I received an email joke the other day in which the writer said he was "resigning from adulthood." Among other reasons, he listed the fact that children could re-start any game with the words "do over." I remember doing that on many occasions, although I can't say I really appreciated that priviIege at the time, probably because I wasn't aware it would be revoked upon entering adulthood.

But as I reflect on the last few years, I realize it wasn't really revoked. A "do over" is exactly what Christ offered me four years ago. I had divorced my husband and lost a job and a friend, but aside from those circumstances, I just plain didn't like myself. I reached the point of knowing I wasn't the best person to run my life and I wasn't who I wanted to be.

I always knew in the back of my mind that there was a God and that probably what they said about His Son, Jesus, was correct, but I never did anything with that information. Someone on TV offered a free book* on how to turn your life around. I called for that book and it encouraged me to tell Jesus I wanted Him to have control of my life. So I did that-out loud-in my living room. I fully believe that's when Jesus started my "do over."

Even better is the fact that His "do overs" don't end. The first is salvation and the adoption into His family, but they keep coming. Many times I have come to Him with something I didn't like about myself...a quick temper, selfishness, pride...and He is always there to perform a "do over."

There have been several times he has performed a "do over" without me requesting it or even being aware He was doing it. About six months after that evening in my living room, a co-worker came to me and said "you are so much friendlier than you used to be. You were unapproachable before." That's when I knew it was real. I had made no conscience effort to be friendlier to her. Jesus had been a friend to this person through me without my awareness.

Now that I've seen the wonders of "do overs," I even ask Him what needs to be done over. Rather than dreading the revealing of my imperfections and sins, I look forward to future "do overs." Of course, the biggest future "do over" will include a new body and a new home, the marvels of which we can't even imagine.

It was a cute joke, but I don't need, or want, to resign from adulthood.

Editor's note: Readers may recognize the author's name from the Pulpit Helps masthead (page 4), where she is listed as both circulation manager and graphic designer. Bravo, Lisa! Thank you for sharing your testimony with your larger family-the family of our Lord Jesus Christ.

* Power for Living from the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation.

Available without cost from www.powerforliving.com

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