Indonesia Christians Escape Slaughter by Relocation

In April, 2000, Muslim extremists began an all-out Jihad (holy war) on Christians living in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. Overpowering various towns and villages with superior weapons, they rounded up Christians and forced them to convert to Islam. Many of those caught trying to escape they massacred with machetes. They especially targeted pastors and church leaders and their families, often beheading them and dismembering their bodies.

So far about 10,000 people have died in the fighting. Currently, a large evangelical church in Jakarta is among those mounting an effort to rescue Christians trapped by the Jihad terrorists. With financial help from International Christian Concern, Christian Aid, and other Christian agencies in the U.S., Canada and Australia, a total of 2,791 Christians have been rescued thus far. All have been relocated to areas not controlled by the Muslims, and Christians from local churches are helping to provide land, shelter, food, clothing and elementary health care. Funds from Christians abroad are helping to meet the staggering financial needs.

Meanwhile, thousands of more Christians are still in danger, for observers fear a second wave of attacks against other villages in Central Sulawesi in an attempt to rid the area of all inhabitants who aren't Muslims.

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