"Just a Glimpse of Apocalypse"

For some, Sept. 11 may have looked like the beginning of the apocalypse, reports the Kansas City Star. But best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins of the "Left Behind" series say "not yet." Those events were merely a glimpse of what could be expected during the tribulation period in the end times.

Jenkins, who was in New York with his wife the day of the attacks, said, "It brought to life some of the kind of fiction that I've been writing." Christian scholars differ on the timing of events and whether the imagery of Revelation should be taken literally or symbolically. LaHaye, who develops the biblical outline and theological approach for each book, and Jenkins, who does the writing, hold to a literal interpretation.

According to the Star, Sept. 11 has drawn even more interest in their books, and brought out questions about the end times, with people asking when the Tribulation will start. While some people may become too preoccupied with trying to tie specific events to specific Scriptures, the authors say it is a positive to see a renewed interest in God. "We think that God has used our books to communicate the message that now is the time, today is the day...for people to make their peace with God while they can," LaHaye added.

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