The Church's Finest Hour

by Ron Pettet

I am a great fan of Pulpit Helps. Your paper's contents have been a great blessing to me and my ministry over the years.

In the publication on November, 2001, Joseph Harris presented an article on the recent act of terrorism and its spiritual significance on America ("Terrorism in the Holey Land"). I thought the article was well written and I am in agreement with most of its content. I only want to respond because of what was not included in the article, and, for the most part, has been overlooked by many in the church.

The attack on America is proving to be one of the greatest acts of destruction in American history. The greatest proof that God is in control (Is. 40:21-24) is found in the timing of this event. It is no accident that when this attack took place we had men and women in leadership over our nation who have proven themselves to be godly people, who know how to seek God for guidance and wisdom. In fact, this has proven to be a fact of history when you consider the day we declared independence as a nation and when we purged our nation of slavery, to name just two.

I cannot remember in my lifetime when God was acknowledged more than He is today. You can't drive down a street in our city without seeing some religious statement on a sign or on the window of a car. People are turning to Him in great numbers. They are not only coming to our church services but calling us on the phone. The "holes" are being filled. We are told that terrible times would come upon the world in the last days, but God's antidote for those terrible times has been a pouring out of His Holy Spirit. This is the finest hour of the church!

I am well aware of all the negative aspects of our nation and I hope this tragedy will make us more aware that God has an eternal plan and His will is going to be accomplished.

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