Praise and Prayer

Praise: Missionary school applicants increase despite foreign killings. A student of the New Tribes Bible Institute (NTBI) states that he's unafraid of becoming a missionary in a foreign land, despite the fact that 11 New Tribes missionaries have been killed overseas, and two remain hostage to a militant group in the Philippines. He believes the "higher calling of God is louder than any fear he may harbor over becoming a target," reported the Waukesha (WI) Lake Country Freeman. The NTBI chairman, Marv Ketcham, who grew up as the child of missionaries in the Brazilian Amazon, explains that he tells students very clearly of the hazards. The most recent incident involves Martin and Gracia Burnham, two missionaries taken hostage last spring. He added that it used to be bows and arrows-now it is terrorism that is prevalent. It has been found that countries where missionaries died have eventually seen an increase in the number of church members.

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