Free Abortions Add to Death Toll

"Basically, this is just our way of being able to contribute," said Planned Parenthood's Ali Bartolone, commenting on the organizatiion's offer of free abortions in New York City. "I can tell you that we're seeing 100 percent show rates for appointments, that our phones have been ringing off the hook," Bartolone said. Planned Parenthood had announced free abortions for its clinics in NYC for 10 days.

Rosemary Lee, who directs a crisis pregnancy center in Manhattan, did not see it as a contribution to anything but death. "In other words, we don't have enough evil with the World Trade Center with the loss of life, and they want to extend that evil?" Lee said. "I mean, it's going to take years for us to recover from the World Trade Center. And they're adding to it because they're killing, also."

From Citizen Link

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