Last Church in Laotian District Targeted for Closing

Lao authorities were pressing toward their goal of completely shutting down Christianity in their Communist regime in October.

The leader of a group of churches in Laos notified Christian Aid that Lao authorities confiscated the Saybangnoun Church Oct. 6, after Christians refused to surrender the facility. The church was located in Songkorn District of Savannakhet Province. The Lao source said that the church-closing team left Saybangnoun heading for Nakham Church about two miles down the road.

The leaders of both churches said they were willing to go to prison for their faith, according to the report received from the field by Christian Aid Mission of Charlottesville, Va. In July, the World Evangelical Fellowship Religious Liberty Commission reported 32 Christians imprisoned for their faith throughout Laos, and 59 churches closed in the preceding 18 months.

If the authorities proceeded on plans to close yet another church, in Savannekht City, on Oct. 20, they will have culminated a 3-year campaign to close every church in the Savannakhet Province.

From Christian Aid Mission

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