Nepalese Respond to Gospel Ads

by AMG Missions Department

Nepalese Respond to Gospel Ads

From January to June of 2001, 850 people in Nepal responded to gospel ads placed in magazines. The respondents included college students, teachers, farmers, government employees, Hindu priests, journalists, technicians, political workers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, police, and army personnel. Each received a New Testament and Bible correspondence course.

Letters received from those who studied the courses included these:

"I would like to offer my many thanks to you for sending the Bible correspondence course. Upon studying lessons three and four, I received abundant joy. It led me to have faith in God. I'm growing in my new faith."

Bhupal Bairagi

"Thank you for the booklet you sent. It taught me deeper things, enabling me to know more about Jesus."

Kriti Shrestha

"I'm a Hindu, but day after day I am getting interested in Christianity. I have to ask you some questions, such as: Is it a religion of white people? Or is it a religion of Americans? Do we commit sin when we bow before idols?"

Satrughah Mukarjee

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