Articles Helpful, Especially "Father Abraham"


A trying Christian,

Ya‘ll are great! I wish I could afford the postage so I could show you my prayer notebook that you helped me start. God helped me to start it, when He awoke me to my life. We should constantly praise God. I know that I owe Him. I am now learning the Christian life with your help. I believe with all I'm being taught and the notes I am picking up that I could be college material. I actually look forward to receiving your paper, hoping there will be a "Father Abraham" question box in it. I'll find the answer on my own, and then check it with your answer to make certain it's correct. I also find the articles most helpful. Thank you! In this day and age I don't understand a lot of what goes on, but I trust in God and that helps me believe that it's all part of His plan.

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