Praying the 23rd Psalm

by Elmer L. Towns

Elmer Towns, dean of the School of Religion at Liberty University and best-selling author, has, in this reviewer's opinion, written a choice devotional, which will become a classic. Praying the 23rd Psalm is a loving, reverent phrase-by-phrase exposition of this well-beloved song of David-always from the point of view of today's reader, and always showing that being a sheep close by the Shepherd is the answer to every need.

The book's sixteen chapters are divided into two sections: the first detailing what our Lord Jesus Christ, the Shepherd, does for His sheep (vv. 1-3), and the second elaborating on what the sheep receive from Him (vv. 4-6).

Here is an excerpt to show the devotional flavor of the book: "If a shepherd remained in the wilderness, using his staff to point in the general direction of the water, the sheep would not find it. The shepherd must guide his sheep toward the water. (Lord, make sure I follow You.) A shepherd does not lead his sheep into the deep water, for they might drown. He does not lead them into a rushing stream, for they might be swept away. He leads them beside still waters. It is a pool of still water that sheep can drink from until their hearts are satisfied. (Lord, there is a pool of still water somewhere. Lead me to it.)"

The author adds: "Should pastors want to preach on this topic, they may get the Sunday School lessons I taught on the 23rd Psalm by going to ."

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