A Woman of Significance

by Donna Morley

In A Woman of Significance, Donna Morley addresses the felt need of many women-the need to be and feel significant. She warns the reader: Do not deny weaknesses; do not measure worth by achievements. She candidly asks the reader to imagine a tombstone like this.

Trudy Thompson 1932-1999

Top Amway Salesperson from 1985-1990

Won the State Fair Contest for Best Apple Pie 1987

Home displayed in Better Homes and Gardens, Spring Issue, 1996

Drove a late-model Lexus

To experience genuine significance, a woman should stop finding importance in the things she owns or the things she does. A Woman of Significance invites the reader to take a journey to discover personal significance through the grace and love of God as she walks humbly before God and people.

Women gain strength to live humbly, yet with dignity when they remember that a Christian woman is like a princess resting in the promises of the treasures of heaven.

Morley presents an insightful discussion to show the reader how to gain a sense of significance. Using clear illustrations, she presents some of the issues that cause the reader to feel insignificant: Unpleasant memories, misreading the actions of others, feeling others are better, and self-pity. She gives helpful suggestions for dealing with these issues. Then she concludes, "Faith that God can work in any circumstance helps us focus on ultimate spiritual victory. It's a victory won in spite of and even through our inadequacies."

A Woman of Significance uses familiar biblical words such as faithfulness, sacrifice, salt, light, and patience to frame the important ideas of living significantly in the twenty-first century. For example, Morley gives several questions that can prod the reader to develop compassion:

1. Am I moved with sympathy when I see or hear about suffering?

2. Do I have a divine perspective, seeing evil as God sees it?

3. Does my compassion move me to pray?

4. Do I have information about the issues that concern me?

Because so many important ideas fill A Woman of Significance it is well worth reading and perhaps using as a springboard for a small group discussion.

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