The 20 Essential Qualities of an Authentic Christian

by Warren Wiersbe

Using the analogy of human birth, growth and development, Warren Wiersbe points out twenty essential characteristics or qualities of a Christian who walks in the footsteps of Christ. The author begins with the process of birth and proceeds to adult maturity.

One who is born into a family has the family's characteristics. We often say of a newborn, "She has her mother's eyes" or "He looks just like his father." It is also true in the spiritual realm. One who has experienced a spiritual birth loves because God is love. We follow after righteousness because God is righteous. We stand against the devil and the forces of evil because that is what God does. Practicing what the Head of the family practices gives us assurance that we are in the family.

Physical and spiritual health have similar parallels. We strive for a balance in eating and exercise. Too much of one food leads to imbalance in the body. Over-exercise may lead to poor health. In the spiritual realm we must also strive for balance. Too much of self and not enough of others leads to selfishness and self-centeredness. We must also guard against imbalance between heart and mind. Overemphasis toward things of the heart leads to ignorance of biblical truth. Dispoprtionate emphasis of the mind leads to coldness toward others.

Maturity is the goal of each Christian. Spiritual cleansing comes when we deal with unconfessed sin. Walking daily with Christ with no known sin will lead to Christ-likeness. The normal Christian then becomes the abnormal Christian life. Loving, helping, giving, and trusting are normal characteristics of our daily life. We are then in a position to confidently help others who are less mature.

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