Author of "My Captain" Identified


Mrs. Kathie R. Cordner

Your Pulpit Helps are a tremendous blessing my pastor-husband and I love to share with others.

I was so happy to see Victor Knowles' "Answering Invictus" on the front page of your August issue. How I was hoping other preachers around the nation picked up on it and would capitalize on Dorothea Day's reply called "My Captain."

Victor Knowles stated "I regret I do not know the author of the latter version - the Christianized version." Well, I'm pleased to be able to accommodate him.

It is found in my favorite book of poetry The Best Loved Poems of the American People, copyright 1936, by Doubleday, selections by Hazel Felleman.

Kindly pass this on to Victor Knowles and tell him to keep up his good work.

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