Spreading the Gospel Is What It's All About


Gary Roth, pastor

I was amazed at some of the letters that came in opposing your article on contemporary worship! So many confuse the medium with the message. The church has always borrowed forms from the contemporary culture as means for expressing the faith-just as Jesus did in the parables. Only ten percent of the population has an appreciation of classical music. Why, therefore, use a form few appreciate or understand, to proclaim the gospel? The issue would be the same as using, for instance, only Gregorian chant in the services....The "stumbling block of the gospel" is not the form of worship, but the gospel-that "God was, in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself."

What is more disturbing is those churches which do not see the importance of reaching out to non-believers! The purpose of the local assembly is not merely to worship God and edify believers, but also to bring to faith.…The church exists for the sake of the world-not simply to be a convent of the comfortable.

Finally, the parable of the seeds tells us the church will be composed of both the faithful and the faithless. There never is a "pure" church. The determination of what is "wheat or tares" belongs in greater Hands than ours.

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