Disavows Authorship

I was stunned today to receive in the mail a copy of your publication and to have a front-page story entitled "TAPS: Its Story" attributed to me. Although it's a fantastic story and one I certainly wish I had written, I did not write it and in no way whatsoever take credit for the story.

I received the story, just as I received numerous stories, jokes, hints, recipes, etc., daily from several friends via email. In turn, I forwarded the story to several of my friends, colleagues and family. I have no idea who forwarded the story to you, but it had my tag line at the bottom simply because I forwarded it-not because I wrote it or take any credit for writing it.

I apologize if there was some miscommunication concerning the author.

Diane O. Sides

Director of University Relations

Southeast Missouri State University

One University Plaza, MS 5000

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

(573) 651-5910 Fax: (573) 651-2592


Editor's response: We never knowingly print an untruth. But it looks like we were "taken in" on this one. Our thanks to Larry Towne for the email addresses of general resources to check on such stories, and Rick Vanderwal for specific sources on "Taps." And to Diane Sides, a particular apology. I thought I had checked with you. - Ted Kyle

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