Homosexuals Can Change

by Mark Cowan

Homosexuals Can Change

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is on record claiming that reparative therapy for homosexuals doesn't work. But that position is being seriously undermined by a new study from a very influential man. Columbia University psychiatry professor Dr. Robert Spitzer made a landmark presentation to the APA recently. Spitzer told the nation's psychiatrists that his research shows homosexuals can change their sexual orientation.

"I interviewed 200 subjects who claimed that they had changed their sexual attraction from homosexual to heterosexual," Spitzer said. "Essentially what we found is that first of all, in terms of sexual attraction, the vast majority had made major changes."

Does that mean Spitzer believes homosexuals can change to heterosexuality? "Absolutely! Absolutely!" he said. "I approached this quite skeptically and I've been convinced otherwise."

What makes Spitzer's new position monumental is the fact that he was the chief architect in the APA's 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from its list of disorders.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, said the findings will be difficult to ignore. "This is clearly a historic event in the history of psychiatry's understanding of homosexuality," said Nicolosi.

Was Dr. Spitzer's work influenced by a religious bias? "I am an atheist, Jewish, secular humanist," Spitzer said. "I was before this study, and I continue to be one now."

He said there is no reason to believe that those he interviewed were lying about their change from homosexuality. The research included people with five years of recovery currently engaged in healthy heterosexual relationships.


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