Prophecy in the New Millennium (a Fresh Look at Future Events)

by John F. Walvoord

Longtime prophecy writer and speaker John Walvoord gives us a fresh look at present-day prophecy, especially the events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ. Dr. Walvoord's prophetic works span in excess of fifty years. Through all these years he has maintained a literal interpretation of Scripture, with emphasis on the premillennial, pretribulational interpretation of the Word.

Israel's national presence in the Holy Land indicates fulfilled prophecy. Old Testament prophecy states categorically that the Promised Land has been given to Abraham and his descendants. For two thousand years God's working with Israel has been put on hold; the church, the body of Christ, now has the place of prominence. That may soon change. At any moment the church could be raptured out of the world into the presence of Christ in heaven. No prophetic event must transpire before that event happens.

Dr. Walvoord gives us clear scriptural insight concerning the United States of Europe (Common Market), the regathering of Israel to the Promised Land, the Rapture, the Day of the Lord, Antichrist and the Millennial reign of Christ on the earth.

The reader will gain insight into the three interpretations of prophecy: premillennialism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism. Dr. Walvoord strongly believes that only the premillennial interpretation of Scripture will satisfy the unfolding truths of prophecy.

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