"Jabez" Opens Eyes to Opportunities Awaiting Us

by Howard Glass

"Jabez" Opens Eyes to Opportunities Awaiting Us

It is good to see so many people interested in the book: The Prayer of Jabez. It indicates how hungry people are for some genuine Christian experience. The author seems certain that the prayer will work for all who have a desire to "expand their territory" the way Jabez did.

The book has reminded me-opened my eyes really-to what God has provided for those of us who crave a deeper walk with Him. Stop and think of the enormous opportunity there is for us to walk as Jesus walked.

For instance, only a short walk from my home is a hospital. A friend just called to report his admittance. God is giving me the chance to expand my territory-and it is so convenient.

I recently made some new Christian friends who are engaged professionally in community service. I'll bet they would be able to show me someone in need of my help and strength. This is just the kind of thing Jesus would be doing if He were living in my house.

I know how many times I have felt ashamed because of having caused pain in another person's life. I wonder why I never thought to ask God to keep me from evil before, the way Jabez did.

Bruce Wilkinson, the author, really gets to the center of the prayer when he tells people they need to ask God to help them "touch more lives for Your glory." The best thing about this is that the Lord has already put into place the people for us to reach out to. He had to have known that many people would be asking. The hand of God at work has never been so clearly displayed.

I've been around this old hurting world enough to know how things are. No one who really wants the "Jabez blessing" will have to look far to find what they need.

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