"Daniel" Is a True Story

by Pulpit Helps Editors

"Daniel" Is a True Story

In the June issue of Pulpit Helps, we printed a touching story of Daniel, a wanderer for God. As "Daniel" came to us anonymously over the email circuit, we had no means of verifying it, and so warned readers that "it bears many marks of authenticity [but] we cannot guarantee its pedigree." Now we can.

It turns out that "Daniel" is a copyrighted article written by Richard Ryan, who vouches for the truth of the story: "It's absolutely true." "Daniel has also been previously published more than once. In fact, under the title "The Holy Wanderer,"it won first place in a 1995 Christian writing contest held by Christian Reader magazine. It was also included in Third Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul, of the popular "Chicken Soup" series.

So the editors are delighted to be able to authenticate the article-and at the same time offer our apologies to Brother Ryan, who is assistant pastor of Old Capitol United Methodist Church in Corydon, Indiana. If we had been able to find you, we would have checked with you first.

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