Stories of Heart and Home

by James Dobson

In the middle of difficulty we often feel disoriented or discouraged. A good story can help us. From the right story we can learn a life lesson. We can gain some insight into human nature and get some help for this journey called life. Stories of Heart and Home is a collection of insightful stories from the writings of Dr. Dobson that show the power of prayer, the healing power of forgiveness, and much more.

Over 200 vignettes are topically arranged under nine separate headings such as Growing Up, Loving Discipline, Life Lessons, and Living With Purpose. Here is an example:

"My mother was a master at trench warfare

during my own stubborn adolescent years. I was giving my teachers a hard time during my freshman year and on several occasions was sent to the principal's office where I received stern lectures.

"One day after school my mother sat me down and said firmly, I know you've been fooling around in school and ignoring your assignmentsWell, I've thought it over, and I've decided that I'm not going to do anything about what is going on. I do want you to understand one thing, however. If the principal ever calls me about your behavior, I promise you that the next day I'm going to school with you. I'm going to walk two feet behind you all day. I will hold your hand in front of all your friends in the hall and at lunch.'

"That promise absolutely terrified me. It would have been social suicide to have my mommy' follow me around in front of my friends.... My mother knew that the threat of spanking was not the best source of motivation to a teenager. She had a better idea."

Brew a pot of coffee and sit down for a good read that will let you laugh, remind you of an important truth and give you something to share with a friend. It's a book worth owning.

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