Recent Releases

Broadman & Holman Publishers

Faith for All Seasons, Historic Christian Belief in Its Classical Expression , Ted M. Dorman, 2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $24.99, 374 pages, softcover

Interpreting the New Testament, Essays on Methods and Issues , David Alan Black and David S. Dockery, editors, 2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $29.99, 536 pages, softcover

The Names of God , Ken Hemphill, 2001, Broadman & Holman Publishers, $16.99, 212 pages, hardcover

Herald Press

You Can't Help but Listen, User-friendly Oral Communication , Charles R. Munson, 2001, Herald Press, $14.99, 200 pages, softcover

Believers Church Bible Commentary - Mark , Timothy J. Geddert, 2001, Herald Press, $24.99, 454 pages, softcover

Judson Press

Living Water for Thirsty Souls, Unleashing the Power of Exegetical Preaching , Marvin A. McMickle, 2001, Judson Press, $16.00, 218 pages, softcover

Surviving Grief, 30 Questions and Answers for a Time of Loss , A.M. Brady Reinsmith, 2001, Judson Press, $6.00, 102 pages, softcover

Kregel Publications

The Search for God's Own Heart, Finding a Genuine Relationship With God , Andy Cook, 2001, Kregel Publications, $12.99, 216 pages, softcover

Parables in the Eye of the Storm , Stanley A. Ellisen, 2001, Kregel Publications, $12.99, 272 pages, softcover

Prophecy in the New Millennium, a Fresh Look at Future Events , John F. Walvoord, 2001, Kregel Publications, $10.99, 176 pages, softcover

New Leaf Press

Surviving Temptation Island , Dan and Dave Davidson with George Verwer, 2001, New Leaf Press, $5.99, 160 pages, softcover

A Perennial Faith: Finding Courage to Grow in the Garden of Life , Patricia Mondore, 2001, New Leaf Press, $12.99, 213 pages, hardcover

Barbour Publishing

Flowers Along the Path, Collected Wisdom for Your Spiritual Journey , Esther Carls Dodgen, 2001, Barbour Publishing, $7.99, 377 pages, softcover

Companion Press

Who Manages History , J. Otis Yoder, 2001, Companion Press, 251 pages, softcover

Concordia Publishing House

Bishop of the Resistance, the Life of Eivind Berggrav , Edwin Robertson, 2001, Concordia Publishing House, $16.99, 222 pages, softcover

Eerdmans Publishing

Beyond the Ordinary, Spirituality for Church Leaders , Ben Campbell Johnson & Andrew Dreitcer, 2001, Eerdmans Publishing, $168, 168 pages, softcover

InterVarsity Press

Homosexuality, The Use of Scientific Research in the Church's Moral Debate , Stanton L. Jones & Mark A. Yarhouse, 2001, InterVarsity Press, $12.99, 189 pages, softcover

Nelson Publishers

A Right to Lead, A Study in Character and Courage , John C. Maxwell, 2001, Nelson Publishers, $13.99, 120 pages, hardcover

Resource Publications, Inc.

Velvet & Steel, a Practical Guide for Christian Fathers and Grandfathers , John K. Ream, 2001, Resource Publications, Inc., $13.95, 133 pages, softcover

WaterBrook Press

Hearing the Master's Voice, the Comfort and Confidence of Knowing God's Will , Robert Jeffress, 2001, WaterBrook Press, $19.95, 227 pages, hardcover

Writers Club Press

Heavenly Hoots, Bringing Back That "Old Time Religion" With Hearty Laughter , Ken Alley, 2001, Writers Club Press, $9.95, 99 pages, softcover

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