North Korea's Unholy Trinity

The North Korean government has installed a pervasive ideology of juche, roughly translated as self-reliance, according to the Washington Post (April 10). The Post went on to say that the ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, has completed the elevation of his father, Kim Il Sung, the country's founder, to the status of a deity, creating "Kim Il Sung-ism."

"Kim Il Sung-ism is seen as a religion, and they oppose any other ideology," said Lim Soon Hee, who studies human rights at the Korea Institute for National Unification in Seoul. "In North Korea, the ‘Holy Trinity' is Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and juche."

"Lee Soon Ok, 55, spent seven years in a political prison camp in North Korea. She was not a Christian, but saw how Christians were treated. "The torture, and the worst ways of execution, were most harsh on the Christians," she said. "They were considered animals. And in the factories, they killed them by pouring molten steel on them. Believing in God instead of Kim Il Sung was the biggest sin in their eyes," she said.

Lee added: "I witnessed them being asked to choose God or Kim Il Sung, and they were told they would be released if they chose Kim Il Sung," she said. "I saw them choose God."

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