Christian Nightclub Starts Teen Revival

"The Flame, a drug- and alcohol-free nightclub for teens started by Dan and Shannon Fontenot in the center of Boise, provides a positive entertainment alternative, and many of the teenagers have become radical followers of Jesus," according to the Idaho Statesman. The club had been a meeting place for some of the city's problematic youth, but has become a revival center.

"It all began with an evangelistic outreach on the streets," according to Chad Taylor. "The Flame has been a haven for the nose-pierced and tattooed set, teens from abusive homes and homeless youths. Many of them have found Jesus, including an occult follower who accepted Christ on stage while still wearing his pentagrams. At least 100 kids have accepted Jesus in the last two months, and we recently bought a horse trough to baptise them in. God is clearly showing His grace, and it is starting to influence the whole city," Taylor added.

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