Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus (Volume Two)

by Michael L. Brown

In an earlier book (Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume One), Michael L. Brown, a Messianic Jew, answered objections that non-Christian Jews had toward Jesus and the Christian message. This book continues that work. Using Jewish writings and the Old Testament Scriptures, the author gently but firmly answers questions that Jews have raised about the viability of the Christian faith.

Of the more than twenty objections that Brown answers, the most perplexing Jewish objections concern the Trinity. The Lord is one God, Jews firmly believe. Jesus cannot be a true prophet of God because He claimed to be God. Furthermore, Jews believe, the Holy Spirit cannot be the third Person of the Trinity because that amounts to idolatry. Brown presents cogent arguments that show the deity of Jesus Christ is not incompatible with the Torah.

Modern Jews also object to the necessity for blood atonement for the Christian. That is no longer required, devout Jews believe, because the Temple has been destroyed. In order to be acceptable to the Lord, one must practice his faith and perform good deeds. Blood sacrifices are no longer necessary for one to have his sins or shortcomings forgiven. Again, the author shows that sin comprises human character, that God despises sin and that shedding of blood is necessary for sins to be forgiven.

Another set of questions that perplex Jews concerns Messiah. Some Jews contend that a divine Messiah is not taught in the Torah. In addition, Messiah will not be a suffering Messiah. When Messiah comes in the future, it will be His first, not His second coming, as Christians teach. The writer presents overwhelming evidence to show that Messiah must be a suffering and divine Deliverer.

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