Grass-Roots Fast Called for President


Understanding that George W. Bush is a believer and carries our Father's reputation in the actions he takes, a former missionary is seeking volunteers willing to fast for holiness in the life of President Bush while in the Whitehouse. Bob Sjogren, who describes himself as "your basic conservative Presbyterian," has been in full-time Christian work since coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ through Campus Crusade. He served with Frontiers for 18 years and now is on loan to ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment).

"Recently," Sjogren wrote in a circulating email, "I have felt the Lord speak to me (remember, I'm a conservative Presbyterian; I rarely use those words) that our president needs someone fasting for him every day in the office for his holiness. This will not only cover him through our prayers and fasting, but also give him encouragement (and accountability), knowing that there is

someone (and hopefully multitudes) fasting for him each day. It is because our heavenly Father is jealous for His glory (Ex. 20:5) that I write to you.

"This is not sponsored' by anyone. It will be a grass roots movement of believers who are passionate for God.

"If you are willing to fast one day a month, primarily for George W. Bush's holiness (and other areas, such as bipartisan work among the Democrats and Republicans, wisdom in his work, wisdom for his cabinet, healing for our nation, etc.-but primarily for holiness) please go to or e-mail me at

"Tell me which day you want to fast on such as the 1st, the 14th, get the idea. (I thought about fasting one day a year, but then it is so easy to forget, so we're going with monthly fasting.)

"Your name will be put on a list for that day. Then a few days before that date comes up, you will be sent a reminder via e-mail to fast on that day. If for whatever reason you cannot make it, e-mail me and let me know. I will make sure someone is fasting for that day. Please excuse Christmas and Easter as fast days, and don't choose your birth date!

"If the president's office puts out prayer requests, we will forward those to you.

"Please take this seriously. This is a four-year commitment (at least). If you need or want to be permanently excused, simply e-mail me and let me know that as well.

"I hope that President Bush will be able to hear, There is one person fasting for you each day': and ultimately hear: There are 1,000 people fasting for you each day.' That will greatly encourage him and keep him accountable when the Evil One seeks to sidetrack him from his commitment to the Lord.

"I personally will be fasting the 20th of each month.

"May God's name be lifted up during this presidency. And may there be thousands fasting daily."

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