Church Planting, Laying Foundations

by Stuart Murray

To fulfill the Great Commission the community of believers must be perennial church planters. Church planting involves laying foundations. The foundation determines what type of church is built. Stuart Murray in his new book, Church Planting, Laying Foundations, conceptualizes church planting within a scriptural perspective of the mission of God and the Kingdom of God.

In his book, Murray examines different models being used in the planting of new churches. He asks very potent questions about these models and discusses in depth the theological principles on which they are based. Examples of models covered include seeker churches, network churches, cell churches, etc.

His section on "The Quest for the New Testament Church" is excellent. It challenges the reader to lay aside any preconceived ideas about church planting and take a fresh look at what is taught in the New Testament.

The discussion on structure and leadership is thorough; covering all issues, and is very thought provoking.

Ervin Stutzman, academic dean of Eastern Mennonite University, says: "Church planters can benefit greatly from Murray's discussion of the Scriptures as they apply to church planting in the modern context. More than that, the book will help churches and mission agencies to think biblically as they consider church planting strategy."

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