Politics and Public Policy (A Christian Response: Crucial Considerations for Governing Life)

by Timothy J. Demy and Gary P. Stewart

This books fills a pressing need for an Evangelical conservative presentation of spirituality and public life. If one listens to the liberal media, he may get the idea that any mention of Christ, the Bible and religion has no place in politics or public life. Demy and Stewart have compiled a series of essays that address the Christian response to the materialism, secularism, and sometimes hostility that pervade public life.

Twenty or so authors tackle the complex issues of private morality and public life ("Linking the Bible to Public Policy"-Carl F. H. Henry), governmental opposition to moral voices ("Bonhoeffer and the Sovereign State"-Jean Bethke Elshtain) and a Christian view of American government ("A Christian Perspective on American Government"-Kerby Anderson).

Douglas L. Koopman and Gary L. Visscher attempt to establish a model for integrating Christian faith and politics while Frank E. Young addresses the political and ethical implications of stem-cell research. And Francis J. Beckwith proposes "Disagreement Without Debate: The Republican Party Platform and Human Life Amendment Plank."

It is highly unlikely that one will fully agree with all of the widely disparate views of the contributors, but all offer stimulating ideas for complex issues.

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