Operation Scheduled for Evi

Evi (Kuka) Going, the Albanian orphan suffering from craniosynostosis, who has been adopted and brought to America by Dave and Jill Going of Seattle, is now scheduled for corrective surgery on May 29. "Apparently it's quite difficult to find a day when all the necessary specialists and an operating room will be available for the full eight hours needed to perform his surgery," the Goings note on their Website www.geocities.com/evigoing/latestnews.htm.

They also report that Evi continues to "blossom," as he emerges from the orphanage background. "In the orphanage he never learned how to give a hug, or how to approach someone face-first. If he wanted to sit on your lap, he would walk to within 4 or 5 feet, turn so that he was facing away from you, and slowly back up. When he could feel that he was close enough, he would then sit down." That's all changed, and "now he enjoys giving hugs to everyone around!"

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