Paradoxes in the Life of Moses

by The Revival Evangelist

Moses was the child of a slave and the son of a queen.

He was born in a hut and lived in a palace.

He inherited poverty, but enjoyed unlimited wealth.

He was the leader of armies, but the keeper of the flock.

He was the mightiest of warriors and the meekest of men.

He was educated in the court and dwelt in the desert.

He was fitted for city and wandered in the wilderness.

He was backward in speech, but he talked with God.

He had the rod of a shepherd, but the power of God.

He was a fugitive from Pharaoh and an embassador for God.

He was the giver of the Law, but the forerunner of grace.

He died alone on Mount Nebo and appeared with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Yet Moses was no different from other men. He had gifts and potentials and faults like all of us. But he was a man of faith-a man who believed God.

The Revival Evangelist

Akron, O.

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