Praise and Prayer

Pray: Sudan's War on Children continued in late November, as Sudanese air force planes unleashed a deadly attack on a Catholic school in the village of Panlit in southern Sudan's Bahr al-Ghazal region. Word of the attack came from officials of the diocese of El Obeid, which sponsors and administers the school. Casualties could not be immediately determined, as many of the school's 700 children scattered into the surrounding brush in fear and deep shock. The Panlit Missionary School was founded by Bishop Macram Max Gassis. The attack on Panlit school marks the fourth time in nine months that Khartoum forces have targeted Gassis' missions, and the second time in 2000 that they have bombed one of his schools. Last February, Sudanese air force bombers attacked the diocese's Holy Cross School in Kauda, killing 19 students and a teacher.

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