Solving Bible Mysteries (Unraveling the Perplexing and Troubling Passages in Scripture)

by D. James Kennedy

From the beginning of the written Scriptures, critics have alleged contradictions. Some allegations have charged the Bible contains unscientific or unhistorical statements. Other critics have claimed that different scriptural texts contradict each other.

D. James Kennedy, long-time defender of the integrity of Scripture, discusses several texts that have alleged fallacies. He offers cogent arguments for reconciliation of "errors" or contradictions.

The thirteen topics he discusses range from the theological to the scientific, from the majesty of God to the nature of humanity. He answers the question, "Which is true: predestination or free will?" He also discusses whether Christians should judge others who fall into sin.

Kennedy also gives convincing proof of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Other perplexing problems involve the incarnation of the Son of God and the triune nature of God. You will want to read his explanation of the question, "How can a loving God send people to hell?"

In the scientific area the author points out that true science and the Bible agree on the Creation story. The theory of evolution takes more faith to believe than the simple story in Scripture.

This brief volume is not an exhaustive study of the topics presented. However, clergy and laity will both find the arguments enlightening and stimulating.

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