Helpless but Not Hopeless

by Calvin and Lisa Wulf

I feel like I'm living at the bottom of a well," she sighs, sinking deeper into the therapist's couch. "I can't even decide simple things like which cereal to eat. Nobody understands how bad it is. They want me to just get over it. But it's not that easy. Will I ever get my life back?"

Depression. It's more than just a case of the blues. We drag out of bed to a gloomy world. Daily living is a huge effort. Our "inbox" fills up but we're too exhausted to handle it. Hiding out seems like the easiest way to cope.

Despair can steal anyone's life. Even the strongest believers are not immune. The great prophet Elijah once felt so bad that he wanted to die.

Sometimes depression has physical causes. Many times the issues are spiritual and emotional. Could there be something in your life that God wants to heal? Perhaps the situation has been out of order for a long time. Often we must go through darkness to reach the light on the other side.

You may feel helpless right now, but you are never without hope. God's compassion is greater than you can ever imagine. Jesus knew sorrow and pain intimately. So why hide yourself from God? You may feel separated from Him. But He has never so wanted to be near to you as He does at this moment.

Professional treatment is important, but do these things too:

Confide in godly advisors. Let them guide you.

Examine your life. Are there areas that God wants you to change?

Persevere with faith. Prayer, Scripture, and worship can work wonders.

Remember you are not alone. Through faith and the comfort of Christ, you will find hope. Now is the time to take hold of God's strong arm very tightly. Do it even if you don't feel like it. He won't let you down.

Lighten the Load,, is distributed by

Joshua Faith Ministries.

© 2000 Calvin R. Wulf and Lisa Aré Wulf

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