The Wedge of Truth

by Phillip E. Johnson

The Wedge of Truth ranks alongside the works of C. S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer in importance as a Christian apologetic. It is a major defense of special creation-a position Phillip Johnson has also defended against formidable opponents in the public forum. His book discusses naturalism as a dominating point of view in our time but one which melts away under careful analysis.

Johnson analyzes the prevalent naturalistic thinking today, beginning with the dogmatic indoctrination of these ideas in the educational system, a system which gives no real opportunity for opposing arguments. The proponents of naturalism are not really making their case from a standpoint of strength, but rather caustically berate their opponents-as typified by the reaction to Kansas' decision to allow other points of view. By way of contrast, Johnson always treats his opponents with respect, and sometimes uses humor to make his points.

Intelligent design is a major theme. The author shows how even a simple bacterium is a thing of fantastic complexity at the cellular level. That this complexity is encoded by its genetic capabilities is not only an impressive feat of miniaturization but also an amazing feat of coding. It is vanishingly improbable, he relates, that this sort of complexity should come about by chance or by some blind mechanism. Yet it is even more improbable as the origin of a much more complex organism such as the human being.

Johnson writes with clear and incisive logic. This book could be taken as a model of clear logic and reasoning without being at all boring.

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