Update of Evi

by Pulpit Helps

Evi, the appealing 2-year-old Albanian orphan boy suffering from craniosynostosis-now Evi Going, the adopted son of David and Jill Going of Seattle-is deep into the series of medical tests, with doctors still unsure whether or when to schedule surgery. "Since Evi is at the end, or even past, the (initial growth spurt of the brain) the doctors seem to agree that any risk of damage to Evi's brain has already occurred," the Goings wrote in an update posted on the "Evi Website,"


"If surgery does occur (still likely), it will probably happen in the first part of 2001. Meanwhilewe're focusing on his development in many other ways. This week we watched the video of our arrival at the orphanage and reunion with Evi just six weeks ago. On the video, Evi is set on idle. His whole life appears to move in slow motion. Now, we see a similar boy with a big toothy smile, jabbering away, waving bye-bye, and blowing kisses."

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