Courageous Youth Saves Denomination


A young man's bravery saved a denomination in Peru. Jacob Huaman was elected at age 17 to be president of the Peruvian Evangelical Church in the southern Andahuailas region, DAWN Fridayfax reports. It was the early 1990s, when Shining Path rebels were killing pastors and laypeople, and congregations had shrunk from 50 to 20, according to the publication.

"I can choose one of two paths," Huaman said, according to DAWN. "I can pretend that everything is fine, smile and make everyone happy, or I can name the problems and try to improve things. I choose the second path." He told the church that its basic problem was sin, and called on two prominent leaders to publicly confess sinful activity and submit to church discipline. One leader submitted and was restored to the church, but the othe r did not, and Huaman ordered him out.

The people then "were gripped by the fear of God" and began to confess their sins, and the denomination started growing, Fridayfax reported. It now has more than 400 churches and Huaman works with young people, encouraging them to plant churches. 

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