The Blessings of Surrender

by Donald W. Raub

Many blessings come as a result of surrendering to God, yet in recent years I have noticed that even professing Christians seem to resent the call to total surrender. Some cringe at the very mention of it. "Present your bodies a living sacrifice"(Rom. 12:1), seems to be a message of the past, not applicable today.

It is easy to worship God for an hour or two a week, but without surrender, our worship is but a ritualistic formality. Abel was an example of a surrender ed life and he received the favor (grace) of God. Cain also desired the favor of God-but he wanted favor without compliance to the will of God.

Cain's humanistic approach to worship is the same problem we are facing today. We enjoy performing beautiful music for God. We participate in the most meaningful liturgy and pray wonderful prayers, but we hold back from God the thing He wants most: total surrender to His divine will. Oh, that professing Christians would learn the value of compliance, not to the whims and wishes of man, but rather to the expectation of God.

Romans 6:13 urges us to "yield yourselves unto God...and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God." One of Webster's definitions for "yield" is "to give up possession." This definition is very fitting in light of the chapter's emphasis on crucifying self-will and seeking God's will.

This kind of total surrender to God brings peace, joy, and satisfaction-blessings which cannot be acquired by any other means. Total surrender brings total victory. We surrender little and God returns much. In response to our surrender, God provides His Holy Spirit in such magnitude that rivers of living water will flow from our lives (John 7:38,39).

Can you really serve God without total surrender?

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