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Source for Linnemann's Book  

First of all, let me say what a wonderful resource Pulpit Helps is for preaching. It is a trustworthy source of grist for the preaching mill. I know that I can always count on the articles and authors to be people of faith who believe in the divine inspiration of the Scriptures and their inerrancy. Thank you for all you do to help us preachers proclaim the gospel faithfully.

I have been reading the running article that contains excerpts from Etta Linnemann's book, Historical Criticism of the Bible-Methodology or Ideology, and have found them inspiring and renewing. For those who may be interested in how to purchase this out-of-print book, I have found a bookseller that has it in stock. They are Eighth Day Books out of Wichita, Kansas. They describe themselves as "an eccentric but orthodox community of books." You may order a catalog from them by calling 1-800-841-2541. They also may be contacted on the Web at the following Website address, Dr. Linnemann's book is available in paperback for $9.95 along with many other out-of-print books.

I thought you and other subscribers of the magazine might be interested in knowing how and where to find this book that is such a great testament to Faith over Reason.

W. Bennett Harris, STS

Editor's note: We checked, and Eighth Day Books had one copy of this out-of-print book, and it had just been ordered. Sorry. You might try or se arch for "used books."

Concerning "What Ever Happened to Hell"

Many thanks for bringing to our attention that which is so plainly taught in Scripture, especially from the mouth of Jesus Christ. Today's positive-everything enamored church has forgotten hell as well as sin, Satan, and judgment. It is sad for without those supposed "negatives" of the gospel, the "positives" don't hold.

God help today's church when it comes to clear biblical teaching of the doctrines of the Christian church! And God help so many of the other religious publications which, by and large, have sidestepped these truths of Christian doctrine. Those in pulpit and journalistic leadership have to return to the whole Bible and so refrain from wondering if they are going to be popular or not with their audiences. On the final day, it will be whether or not all of us have stayed true in being popular with God.

J. Grant Swank, Jr., pastor
New Hope Church, Windham ME

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