Rabbi Grateful for Christians

by Dateline-Heaven

Rabbi Daniel Lapin said: "America is primarily a Christian nation, and I am grateful because it is those Christian foundations which have allowed Jews to prosper. Christianity is the one power left which can save America....I began to understand that the Founding Fathers, religious Christians, saw themselves as separatists, reliving the steps taken by the Hebrews to the Promised Land."

Jews, Rabbi Lapin said, tend to fight battles with a rear-view mirror. "[But] there are fundamental differences between Europe and the U.S. Here no Jew has ever been robbed, raped, or murdered by an American leaving church."

He also noted that "the number of Jews who actually conve rt to Christianity is very small. But the number of secular Jews who assimilate is very high. Christianity is not a threat to Jews. Secular ideology is."

Writing in The Jerusalem Report, Netty C. Gross commented: "Denounced by the Jewish establishment, adored by the evangelical right, Daniel Lapin preaches that only church values can save America from ferocious secular liberalism.' Lapin, who lives on Mercer Island, near Seattle, added that the majority of American Jews had abandoned the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, ceased to be guided by Judeo-Christian values and, instead, embraced ferocious secular liberalism.' And these Jews supported abortion, radical homosexual legislation, a weakened military, gun control, and church-state separation.

Gross said the loquacious 53-year old Lapin has been a star of the hard Christian right for a decade. "He loves being the frum rabbi with the big black hat and the wife with the wig in a sea of Christians," chuckles a Lapin friend. But Lapin is dead serious. He told The Jerusalem Report that he is "completely comfortable" blowing the horn of Christian triumphalism.

Anyone, Christian, Jew, or otherwise, who takes the Bible seriously, comes to the same conclusion, adds Dateline-Heaven.

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