How to Win the culture War: a Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis

by Karen Davis

Like the sound of a bugle, this book urges readers to wake up to the crucial cultural battle between life and death.

The opening pages of the book present a wake-up call to the reality of the cultural war. Kreeft mentions a Clinton-era cover article in Time that asked the question, "Why is life so good in America today?" Each article presented the fact that people have more money. Very often Americans see economic well being as an ultimate good. Many Americans also see sexual freedom as a right to be defended.

Kreeft comments, "Sexual pigginess and economic pigginess are natural twins. For lust and greed are almost interchangeable words." There is a problem with the pig philosophy, however, and it is intensely practical: death. Both sex and money are often fatal. Two words show that: AIDS and suicide."

In nine succinct chapters, Kreeft gives a rousing call. Wake up. We are at war. And the enemy is not someone we disagree with, no matter how strongly. We are at war with principalities and powers of intense evil-Satan himself. Such evil is not trivial. And our culture is progressively massacred.

In a clear discussion of what makes a culture function well, he cites Chuck Colson who predicted that "a community's longevity is proportionate to its morality." Parallel to the writing style of Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis, Kreeft has Satan describe his battle plan of destruction. Kreeft follows that distressing discussion with "the secret weapon that will win the war." Read this short book to discover the weapon.

This book slices through fog about pertinent moral issues such as abortion, fidelity in marriage, and homosexuality. It is impressively readable. Peter Kreeft teaches philosophy at Boston College and has authored several other significant books.

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