How to Be a Winner and Influence Anybody

by Glen H. Jones

This book speaks encouragement in every word. No negativism has found its way into this volume. The author's thesis is that relationships (especially love) are more important than money, a career, or even religious faith. The book's theme is similar to that of the much older How to Win Friends and Influence People, but it is written from a strong Christian perspective.

Christian love has three dimensions. The upward dimension relates us to God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Love's outward dimension relates us to those around us. It is the glue that cements strong human relationships. Then, we must never forget that love has an inward dimension. Jesus said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matt. 22:39).

Love brings joy. Joy depends on inward attitude. When we love God, others, and ourselves, we will experience an inward satisfaction which we term joy. The author contrasts joy with happiness, noting that very few experience continuous happiness, which depends on outward circumstances. But we can experience joy and share joy with others even if we are not presently happy.

Love and joy produce peace, which allows us to deal with difficult people. It allows us to spread love and joy. But if we are angry and combative, we cannot share love and peace. If we experience love, joy, and peace, we will surely cultivate kindness. We will take time each day to show some act of kindness with those we meet.

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