The Solomon Secrets

by Glen H. Jones

Solomon, the "wise man" of the Old Testament, gleaned perceptive truths from his astute observations and the wisdom he attained as a gift from God. Most of these truths are as relevant today as they were in Solomon's day. Robert Jeffress has taken ten passages from Solomon's proverbs and applied them for today. The author points out that Solomon's proverbs have a four-fold focus: 1) the focus of Proverbs is this life, not the next; 2) the meaning of living well is not wealth; 3) living well does not exempt us from problems; and 4) the purpose of living well is to glorify God. Jeffress uses anecdotes from his ministerial experience to show how "Solomon's Secrets" apply to setting and completing personal goals, persisting in the face of failure, handling money wisely, hearing and heeding valid criticism, maintaining sexual purity, choosing our words carefully, keeping our emotions under control, rearing children, developing personal humility, and fearing God. A study guide at the end of the book helps the reader focus on the principles emphasized in the book. Here are three illustrative sample questions: Can you state your life's purpose in a single sentence? Do you have a friend who will offer you correction when you need it? When you consider the physical, financial, and emotional cost of sexual immorality, which one is most likely to deter you from this sin? Another feature at the end of the book outlines a survey conducted among 1,003 adults across the United States to ascertain their views on principles contained in the Proverbs. Results were compared between "born again" Christians and others. The reader will discover that Christians and others have many beliefs in common; other beliefs show some marked differences.
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