Prayer Walking: a Journey of Faith

by Bob Dasal

Calvin Miller and Dan Crawford's new book on "prayer walking" sparked an instant interest with me. According to the authors, prayer walking is a relatively new method of praying. The focus is on-site intercessory prayer where you're praying as you walk. The authors define it as "intercession on location, with information, against opposition, for glorification." Another quote from the book says, "Prayer walking is a way of being on the scene without making a scene." The authors point out that "walking" is not the focus. "It could also include riding, jogging, boating, biking, or any other means of transportation. Whatever the means of transportation, the method of communication is to pray on site, rather than from a distance." Miller and Crawford do more than describe and define prayer walking. Through the pages of the book they take the reader on a prayer walk in China and India. Travel with them along the dusty rural roads of India and see the beggars by the side of the road. As you view the crumbling buildings you can attest to the poverty of the people that's both material and spiritual. Feel the power of God as these men walk and pray, and witness God answering their prayers. This book will bless you and challenge you to start your prayer walk for the Lord.
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