Why We Do What We Do

by Larry Malone

Last summer, a team from Salem Sayers Baptist Church in Adkins, Texas, went to Lima, Peru, for a weeklong mission trip. Team member John Campbell wrote the following. His thoughts summarize beautifully why we at AMG do what we do.

“This trip changed my perspective on life and my walk with Jesus Christ. I believe if we are truly growing in Christ, our lives should be continually changing to become more like Him. Since being born again eight years ago, God has blessed me by allowing me to be part of His work, but there were times that I slipped into apathy in my Christian walk. After experiencing this mission trip, I pray that I never stop growing in Christ.

“There were a lot of great experiences during this trip. My first airplane ride was awesome. I observed people of God witnessing and preaching to the lost. I was blessed in seeing the love of God in action through brother Joe Stansell (John’s pastor).

“There was one defining moment that changed my worldview forever. On Saturday, August 3, we drove through Lima to a small mountain of dirt and rock. As the old rickety bus turned onto a dirt road to ascend the mountain, time seemed to slow down. My hearing seemed to fade—the scene seemed surreal. There was a dog on a roof, shacks cut into the mountain, children—small children, dirty children, laughing children, sad children—running to the bus. I forced myself to smile as I stepped off the bus but I wanted to cry. The children swarmed around us. I saw two dogs fighting in the road with dust swirling around them. It was like a nightmare. Then I looked at a little boy. He smiled at me and I forgot where I was. I smiled back and thanked God for being there.

“In the midst of abject poverty and hopelessness, the Lord reached down and touched this forsaken place. He touched it through Pastor Jose Apon and his family. He touched it through Larry Malone (manager of AMG’s International Ministries) and AMG. Jesus touched this place through Salem Sayers Baptist Church. I discovered that this mountain is blessed because of God’s work there. There are many other mountains and children that do not have a Pastor Apon or ministries witnessing and feeding them. James 2:14-16 says that we need to be active in our faith, not just preaching and ignoring physical needs. I thank Almighty God for this experience and I pray that all of us continue to grow and be obedient to His Word.”

The mission of AMG is to help ensure that every person on earth has at least one chance to hear and respond to a clear presentation of the gospel; to express the compassion of Christ as the Lord gives opportunity and means to do so; to serve the pastor and his local church, and to inform, challenge, and encourage God’s people in their worldwide responsibility.

This trip to Peru highlighted each aspect of the mission of AMG. The gospel was shared, Christ’s love was shown, and John and his teammates were challenged in their walk as Christians.

In every ministry of AMG, we strive to carry out the mission that God has given us. Our thanks to all who have prayed, given, or gone to support the work of AMG and help to fulfill this mission.

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