December Readers' Forum

Willie Wormwood Needs to Repent

I remember wearing a mask during those Halloween trick or treat things. Your mask must get very hot.… I think I hear you say that you would like to take the mask off and be yourself. Okay? Do it!!

That mask of self-righteousness has blinded you to some very basic facts. I can see your frustration with the law. You are missing the point of Romans 7. (By the way, with your mask on, you will not be too comfortable in chapter 8 either.) Maybe we ought to go back to some basics. John the Baptist’s message was simple and to the point: “Repent!” (Matt. 3:2).… You have been trying to be someone else. You aren’t. You and I and Paul and all believers like the idea of masking ourselves, but deep down, we’re sinners. We need to recognize that.… But we dare not stop here. If we were to stop, we all would be looking for masks to cover our sin-filled faces and lives. 

But we go on to the very basics. That’s what Jesus accomplished on the cross. With your mask on, you missed that. Remember that bit about “God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them”

(2 Cor. 5:19 NIV)? You know you sin. I know you sin. I know I sin. But—and here is where Romans 7, 8 and whatever book or chapter you turn to—the Word is, you’re forgiven all your sins. They have been removed—blotted out, washed away through the blood of your Savior, Jesus Christ. He loves you.

However, He would have you remember to repent, to take a good look at those faults, short-comings, sins, failings regularly. Then, when He announced to you that you are dead to the law and all its consequences and the Holy Spirit makes you alive in Christ, it’s happy time. Then, you will move up to the front bench with me and all the other believers and join us in praise of our dear Friend who loved us enough to give Himself that we might have the free gift of eternal life. Join the rest of us on the front bench as we humbly confess our sin and rejoice in His love.


Front Bench William (Bill Bein)

Willie’s response: Thank you, William, for pointing out my need to repent. But you misdiagnosed my problem: I do repent—and repent and repent. But I haven’t gained victory over some failures in my life to live up to Jesus’ standards. I want to be like Jesus, but I fall short in so many ways. That’s my problem—at least, as I see it.

And I love you, too—Willie

Baptists Predate Protestant Reformation

R. G. Lee was born in Fort Mill, S.C. His cousin once told me that when Mr. Lee had just got married he was taking his bride home in a wagon. He admitted to her that someone else was first in his life—Christ.

Please allow me to make a correction for your article: The Southern Baptist Convention is not and has never been a Protestant denomination. The Baptists

did not come out of the Protestant Reformation. They were in existence long before Martin Luther.

Please note that on the steeples of the older Baptist churches you will see a round ball instead of a cross. This ball represents taking the gospel to the world, and also is a stand to the world that they do not support the cross as a religious symbol—especially since it was a symbol of Catholicism. Most new steeples show a cross and round ball. The steeple manufacturers do this so they can sell to both groups. But also because most religious people today know very little about their history.

William Ferguson

Gateway Church of God

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