Praise and Prayer

#**Praise: The Pakistani Supreme Court has acquitted Christian prisoner Ayub Masih of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad and ordered his release. The ruling was delivered Aug. 15. Ayub was initially arrested on October 14, 1996, after neighbors accused him of uttering derogatory statements against the prophet of Islam and telling them to read The Satanic Verses, a book considered highly offensive by Muslims. He was later sentenced to death by the Session Court Sahiwal under section 295/c of the Pakistani penal code. The three judges presiding over Ayub’s Supreme Court hearing noted that Sharif Muhammad Akram, the complaintant, had used the blasphemy charge in order to acquire property that had belonged to Ayub Masih’s family, and therefore felt the case had been fabricated for personal gain. *# International Christian Concern #**Praise: Nearly four years after devastating Hurricane Mitch ripped across Honduras, leaving more than 5,000 dead, 12,000 injuries and 8,000 missing, a campaign called “Hurricane Jesus” helped bring new life and healing to many. Honduras suffered the greatest damage from the hurricane when it stalled off the country’s northern coast and traveled inland in October, 1998. But now the winds of revival are sweeping across the nation. An estimated 120,000 persons attended evangelistic meetings in Honduras July 26-27 led by Lee Jae-Rock, senior pastor of the 75,000-member Manmin Joong-Ang Church in Seoul, South Korea. Many testified to being saved and healed of various diseases. *# Assist News Service via HCJB World Radio #**Praise: Rochunga Pudaite of Colorado Springs-based Bibles for the World says the Scriptures are now ready to be printed in another language in India. After more than six years of work, the translation into the language of the Hrangkhol people was completed last summer. The Hrangkhol people in northeastern India number about 15,000 speakers. Funds are still needed for the printing, Pudaite said. *# Mission Network News via HCJB World Radio #**Praise: Response to the Bible League’s outreach in India has been “astounding” this year, with conversions up more than 500% from the previous year, the ministry reported. The ministry had recorded 32,041 new church members or baptisms in the country by July, up from 5,333 last year. Attendance at Bible study groups also rose to 129,040, up 49%, with small-group Bible studies increasing 181% to 5,101. In addition, the ministry expects to plant 300 churches by the end of this fiscal year, surpassing last year’s total of 279. Dan Eastep, director of India ministry, says there are still 400,000 villages without a church in the country. “There are 970 million people in India who are not Christians but who are eager to learn about Christ and the Scriptures,” Eastep says. *# The Bible League via HCJB World Radio #**Pray: Among the hundreds of casualties from the worst flooding in 30 years in Nepal were 43 Christians, who drowned when their village was swept away by flood waters. “One village in particular among the unreached Chepang people was washed away, and 43 believers drowned,” said World Help President Vernon Brewer. In one family of 14, everyone died except a 9-year-old boy.*# Mission Network
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